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Our clients love us

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Systems 3000 Testimonials illustration
"I have worked with Systems 3000 since 2014. Over the years, Systems 3000 has gone above and beyond to provide me and my team with support and guidance on various issues facing local school districts. No inquiry was too small or difficult for Systems 3000. Thank you for your support, willingness, guidance, tools, and for answering the phone! Everyone at Systems 3000 is truly the best!."
Ashlee C.
Eastampton Township
“You guys help me so much year after year and I just wanted to say thank you. You guys are so good and patient with me. Thank you for getting me through another year.”
Yvonne H.
Neptune City School
“I would not accept any Interim BA position unless they had SYSTEMS 3000. I can’t tell you how helpful your support staff is to me! Thank you!”
Pat A.
Easthampton Township
" all lead by example, exemplify excellent customer service and work ethic, and are technical experts at the software and the changing legal and tax landscape. It is a rare thing to speak with so many smart people in one location and for that I am grateful. I have never had any bad experiences with anyone at Systems 3000, an ode to your customer service mindset. So please let everyone know they have a major vote of my confidence in the future, what a great software company you all have."
Michael B.
Bergenfield Board of Education
"I just wanted to reach out and acknowledge that we did our first month using Systems 3000 and it has been a smooth transition and a complete success! Thank you and the rest of the team so far."
Joe F.
"The new BA had very high praises. Mary assisted her and she said she was very knowledgeable, patient, and helpful with her! She very much appreciated it since she is new to Systems."
"You guys are awesome under all circumstances! I appreciate all the support I receive from you no matter how long I have to wait for a call back, which is never very long."
Patti B.
"Systems 3000 help desk staff are congenial, professional, responsive and very helpful. Their support team takes the extra time to ensure you are knowledgeable of the challenge and the solution."
Richard K.
North Burlington County
"I could not have been more shocked to hear from someone else working on the last weekend of the summer but I was glad I did hear from him. He made sure I didn't lose my connection and made my life so much easier. He worked with me periodically throughout the day when the issue would reset and begin again. I can't thank Robert enough and wanted to make sure that he was recognized for going above and beyond for me. His assistance also enabled me to spend time with my family on Sunday."
Kathy B.
"We have been using Systems 3000 accounting, payroll and personnel modules for over 15 years. The accounting software is user friendly and allows you to provide varying degrees of access rights to designated users. Monthly reporting cannot be any easier."
Richard K.
North Burlington County
"With all the constraints that a school district business office has I feel that we have become more efficient with the use of SYSTEMS 3000 software. Having a single record system for the entire district; fund accounting, payroll and personnel, has made our jobs a lot less stressful."
Constance S.
Lenape Regional High School
"Having gone through two software conversions, the support and expertise that SYSTEMS 3000 offers compares to no other. The customer support and training is first class along with being extremely user friendly for all levels of computer knowledge."
Constance S.
Lenape Regional High School
"Erica was very helpful to our team in getting us up to date."
Camden County Vo-Tech
"Thanks Holly and Erica. This training was awesome."
Aja T.
Mount Laurel School District

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