As the computing requirements of school districts have grown, SYSTEMS 3000 applications have evolved to meet those needs, becoming the key to successfully managing the financial operations for school districts’ board offices. The three SYSTEMS 3000 application software packages –Accounting, Payroll and Personnel – comprise a fully integrated accounting, payroll, and human resource system designed specifically for New Jersey school districts. System integration permits data sharing among the three applications, eliminating any duplication of data entry. It also facilitates data sharing between our system and third-party applications that deal specifically with substitutes, attendance, bidding and benefits management. Furthermore, all SYSTEMS 3000 applications provide the capability to export all data into a variety of different file formats, most commonly xls, csv and txt, as well as the ability to generate reports in PDF format.

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The Accounting application includes complete A/P, A/R, G/L & Fixed Assets subsidiaries. This application also includes a full line of management tools including Comprehensive Security, Budget  & Revenue Projection, Internal/ External Payroll Interface, Vendor & Account Management to name a few. It is very user-friendly yet provides the Business Office with the intuitive visual tools to meet complex reporting requirements. This powerful computing system allows for strategic planning and management. The on-screen visual interface creates an ideal environment for the first time user as well as for more sophisticated users.

Features Include:

  • On-line Remote Requisitioning/Approval Module (schools restricted to their individual accounts)
  • Budget & Revenue Projection Modules (schools project next year’s budget for each of their individual expense accounts)
  • NJDOE report (system-generated in accordance with state layout/format)
  • Fixed Assets Module (including depreciation reports needed for “Statement of Activities”)
  • Purchase Order Import (with bidding vendors)
  • Purchase Order Attachments
  • Payroll to Budget Interface
  • Payroll Agency Interface
  • Fund 20 Year End Reconciliation Wizard
  • Billing Module



The Payroll application is intuitive and easy to use, providing your district with a new dimension to payroll processing. This advanced platform of payroll technology, fully integrated with the Personnel application, eliminates data entry redundancy while improving up-to-the minute accuracy. The system allows for complex payroll scenarios providing your district with all the necessary data and tools to effectively manage your payroll needs.

Features Include:

  • Easy-to-process district contracted payroll and additional timesheets, vouchers, etc.
  • Print remaining sick, vacation, and personal day balances on employee check stubs
  • Automatically update employee salaries each year (interface with Personnel)
  • Generation of all federal and state quarterly reports
  • Generate payroll budget encumbrance projections (interface with Accounting)
  • Chapter 78, P.L. Health Benefit Contribution Calculations
  • Web Based Employee Portal  add-on feature available



The Personnel application provides a unique way to effectively manage human resource needs. Through a series of simple, logical procedures, this system allows for accurate, comprehensive, employee related data-entry, providing for extensive reporting capabilities. It is easy to use, creating an ideal environment for first time users as well as for the most demanding users, without sacrificing features or performance.

Features Include:

  • NJSmart Staff Reporting and Data Submissions (SMID, Staff, Evaluations)
  • Position Control Tracking
  • Employee Job Assignment and Certification tracking per NJ DOE codes
  • Complete Health Coverage Tracking for Employee & Dependents
  • Attendance Import Functionality (from third party substitute placement applications)
  • Scattergrams/Negotiation Projections
  • Multi-Year Salary Projection/Generate Future Year Salary Encumbrances by Expenditure Account (automatic import into budget projection module)
  • Complete tracking of Employee Demographic Data, Attendance, Substitutes,  Professional Development Hours and much more

Application Integration benefits

Integration between these applications allows for the automation of many functions, enabling you to:

In Accounting:

  • System-generate the new payroll purchase order and encumbrances at the start of each new fiscal year (salary/expense account data from Payroll creates the file needed to generate the payroll PO encumbrances in Accounting).
  • Automatically update/adjust payroll PO encumbrances throughout the year to reflect any staff/budget changes (updated salary/expense account data from Payroll creates the file needed to update the payroll PO encumbrances in Accounting).
  • Automatically reduce payroll PO encumbrances to expenditures each pay period (transfer of payroll expenditure data from Payroll to Accounting).
  • Import future year salary budget preparation data directly into the Budget Projection Module (transfer of future year salary data from Personnel into Accounting).
  • Import Purchase Order Data (from third-party bidding applications such as Educational Data), automating purchase order entry.

In Payroll:

  • Automatically update new fiscal year payroll salaries for all employees (transfer of contracted salary data from Personnel to Payroll).
  • Synchronize remaining contract days that can be printed on employees’ payroll check stubs (transfer of remaining sick/personal/vacation day balances from Personnel to Payroll).
  • Import substitute payroll data, automating timesheet entry (transfer of substitute days/hours worked from Personnel to Payroll)
  • Import/Export of NJEA dues (no manual data entry for annual dues changes)
  • Expenditure accounts are cross-referenced and verified against those identified as salary accounts in Accounting

In Personnel:

  • Interface with NJSmart (Staff Reporting and Data Submissions: SMID, Staff, Evaluations)
  • Attendance Import (automatically generate employee attendance records in Personnel from your third party substitute placement application).
  • System Generated Position Control Codes (transfer of employee budget spread data from Payroll system-generates and assigns a numeric position control code for each employee record within Personnel)
  • Automatically update position control budget spread information (based on payroll budget spread changes-transfer of updated budget spread data from Payroll updates UPC budget spread data in Personnel).
  • Generate annual contract letters/notifications and mailing or file folder labels (export employee data from Personnel to be used as the source file with Microsoft Word mail merge).

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