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New Offering: Emergency Services

SYSTEMS 3000 has noticed that many districts have occasional, unforeseen emergencies in their Business Administration staff. Most of you have been there when:

  • Staff emergencies and medical leaves happen without a backup employee who knows how to run SYSTEMS 3000 applications
  • Long time experienced employees retire without an immediate replacement
  • The district doesn’t want to pay for a payroll, health benefits or other administrator and sometimes they turn to a service organization to handle these jobs, often at a considerable increase in expenses and loss of in-house supervision and control over these critical functions. That is always a choice the district must make.  It is our absolute recommendation for district staff member(s) to run these applications in-house. Our Emergency Services contract would provide remote operation of your SYSTEMS 3000 applications while you hire and we assist in the training of a permanent staff member.  
  • Downsizing of staff may save the district money, but smooth operations of the computer software programs can be adversely affected.

These types of emergencies can leave the business office staff struggling to do the job of the missing employee.

SYSTEMS 3000 currently assists your district by training another employee, but we realize that many districts do not always have someone that we can train. Even when they do, the need to run a payroll for instance, does not wait for training to be completed.

Starting now we are offering a separate remote emergency service to assist your school district with processing items in our accounting, payroll, or personnel applications. This will mean an experienced SYSTEMS 3000 staff member would remotely handle the duties agreed upon.

Here are the types of remote activities our Emergency Service Offering could provide:


  • Enter PO’s
  • Enter Payments
  • Print Checks
  • Run Reports
  • Assist with Fiscal Year End (rollover)


  • Enter Payroll changes
  • Run Reports before Printing Checks
  • Print Checks
  • Run Final Reports
  • Run Quarterlies
  • Assist with Calendar Year End (W2’s, rollover)


  • Enter Personnel changes
  • Maintain Health Benefits Plans
  • Run Reports
  • Assist with Fiscal Year End (rollover)

The Business Administrator (or whoever is in charge in that district) must do the following:

  • Provide the work that is needed for us to process
  • Confirm & sign that all totals are correct before we print checks
  • Confirm & sign that all report totals are in balance
  • Confirm & sign that all Quarterly & End of Year report totals are correct

Since each district’s situation will be unique, we will design the best solution to assist you and set up a contract with the fees for this service.