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Calls to the IRS

Wait times for support calls to the IRS have been reported as quite frustrating by several clients. Being told that “calls are not being accepted at this time” or worse, put on hold for two or more hours and then being disconnected can make for an exceptionally bad experience. The good reports come when someone gets through to a real person in less than a half hour and gets an accurate and helpful resolution to their situation.  We can only commiserate with you.  Unfortunately, we don’t have a special “quick answer” number for you to call. For Affordable Care Act Information Returns questions, we have received good responses within a day or two by emailing: Unfortunately, as the deadline for 1095-C submissions (April 1st) gets closer, we expect the IRS backup to get worse. Remember this year a lot of businesses across the US that used to file on paper because they had less than 250 forms to file, now have to submit their first electronic upload for 10 or more forms (after submitting a one-time test file, getting it accepted and calling them to let them know they accepted your file).  We recommend persistence and patience.  We build the one-time test files to IRS requirements and also have some tools to assist finding some of the errors that can cause a file to get rejected.