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Agency & Empoutput – Valuable Time-Saving Processes Available

We want to inform our clients of two processes that many, but not all, of our districts use. They increase accuracy and save time. This memo is simply to give you a brief description. We are happy to discuss further any aspect of these two processes at your convenience.

SYSTEMS 3000Agency” process can be set up for our payroll clients. This process automates the movement of deductions and taxes from payroll to accounting after each payroll, month and/or quarter, reducing the need to manually key these items into our software for payment (or a 3rd party software like QuickBooks). Since these amounts are withheld in payroll and paid out of accounting (generally), their accurate and timely transfer to the appropriate accounts cuts down on potential errors and extra work.

SYSTEMS 3000Empoutput” process creates a file that many districts currently use to export selected employee data fields into a file that can be used to feed other applications. This file can be in XLS, CSV, or DBF format, and may be set up to run as a nightly task that creates a new up-to-date file of employees and their information. This may then be used as required by the district or other vendors to update other applications with data maintained and stored within SYSTEMS 3000. This integration of data will eliminate double entries of the same information which is the goal of everyone.