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Web Server Administrator

As a Web Server Administrator at Systems 3000, you will analyze and configure our existing web, database, and application server architecture and processes, optimize performance, and assist in making critical changes to improve reliability. You will be integral to scaling up our production environment in preparation of deploying our web applications to a significantly larger user base this coming year.

You will play a central, technical role in a 24×7 highly available production environment. The ideal candidate will be self-motivated and articulate, and recognized as an expert in Load Balancing, Web Application Firewall, Microsoft operating systems (Windows Server 2012, 2016 or newer), IIS and related software technologies and have a proven history of using administrative tools and automating routine administration tasks.

This is an hourly, remote position. The ideal candidate would live in the NYC / NJ Metro area and be available for occasional in-office meetings at our offices in Eatontown, NJ, but we will consider applicants from all locations.

In your response, please include what tools (if any) you have used for each tier of performance engineering (web, application and database).


  • Performance measurement and analysis: Collect data on system performance and identify bottlenecks through tools like load testing, profiling, and monitoring.
  • Capacity planning: Forecast future performance needs and ensure the system can scale accordingly.
  • Load testing: Simulate real-world workloads and measure system performance under load to identify bottlenecks and opportunities for optimization.
  • Profiling: Analyze code execution to identify performance bottlenecks and inefficiencies in the application.
  • Monitoring: Continuously monitor system performance and resource usage to identify trends and potential performance issues.
  • Scalability: Ensure the system can handle increased load by optimizing resource utilization and scaling up or out as needed.
  • Optimization: Improve performance through techniques like caching, compression, parallelization, and reducing complexity.
  • Continuous improvement: Regularly review performance data and implement improvements to ensure sustained high performance over time.
  • Collaboration: Work closely with other teams and stakeholders, such as development, operations, and business, to prioritize performance needs and ensure they are addressed effectively.
  • Best practices: Adhere to performance best practices, such as using standard tools and technologies, following industry standards, and keeping up to date with new performance engineering techniques.
  • Secure Software Development Framework: Recognize and advise any flaws in the current SDLC in accordance with NIST’s best practices.
  • Software Vulnerabilities: Recognize any security flaws and advise proper mitigation in the current state of the software development.


  • Demonstrated experience installing, upgrading, enhancing and supporting various large-scale administrative applications.
  • Experience deploying web applications to >1000 active users.
  • 3+ years experience deploying web applications with IIS web server
  • 3+ years experience implementing/troubleshooting IIS and Windows server 2012/2016/2019, including the site administration, configuration of SSL, file backup and restoration, and reviewing IIS log files to assist with troubleshooting website issues.
  • Experience deploying web applications with database server in Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio

About us: 

SYSTEMS 3000 is the leading provider of integrated Accounting, Payroll, and Personnel software applications specifically designed for New Jersey school districts, and is proud to be the #1 supplier of school business software in NJ. Since 1985, we have provided NJ school districts with a sophisticated, flexible, highly comprehensive, integrated solution backed by unparalleled client support.